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Beau Brittenham’s passion for architecture and design drew him to the industry, but he found that he preferred being a part of the construction teams, which turn drawings into the final product.  It is extremely rewarding for him to create a beautiful building or space and see how it can improve people’s lives and the community.

Beau was born in Boulder and grew up in Longmont. He graduated from the Construction Management program at Colorado State University in 2012. After college, he worked as a field engineer, project controller, and preconstruction manager in Colorado Springs, Portland, and Austin, before moving back to start Poudre Construction with his friend Cory.


Beau met his wife Sarah while at CSU and they got married in 2016. Sarah is a commercial property manager in Fort Collins. They have two dogs – a fox red lab named Zeke, and Mira is a rescue dog from Hurricane Harvey. They love to explore the hiking trails, lakes, rivers, and scenery of Colorado, as well as travelling to new places to experience other cultures.

Beau is drawn to all things sports. He also loves craft beers and gin, skiing, and is learning to enjoy the struggle of golf, thanks to Cory.

His biggest accomplishment is building two houses with his wife, mostly in their spare time on nights and weekends.  It’s on his bucket list to get a pilot’s license.

If Beau was 18 years old, what would surprise him the most about how good he is at solving puzzles.

The best advice he’s ever been given is to never stop learning because life never stops teaching.


Cory Jennings is passionate about being able to work with business owners to help them start, relocate, and or expand their businesses. It has been especially fun for him to experience the excitement of new business owners getting into their very first space or office.

Cory was born in Denver and grew up in Longmont. He’s been in the construction industry since 2008. He started as a field laborer for a commercial general contractor and while in college worked as a plumbing apprentice. After graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in Construction Management in 2013, Cory worked as a project engineer then was promoted


to superintendent for a local commercial general contractor. He left that company to start Poudre Construction alongside his friend Beau.


He married Betsy in 2016, and they have two young children, James and Hayden. Betsy is a real estate agent and former teacher. They have a golden retriever named Waylon they got as a puppy in 2015. If money was no object, he would play a lot of golf and renovate houses with his wife.

If he was 18 years old, what would surprise him the most about how good he is at designing and renovating houses.

The best advice Cory has ever received is that your business should be focused on helping people first.


Nicholas Shelly’s decision to work in the construction industry is a reflection of his profound appreciation of the beautiful scenery around us and his desire to contribute to the landscape. As an avid outdoorsman, it’s what drives him personally and professionally.


Nicholas grew up in Pennsylvania and lived in California for a few years before coming to Northern Colorado. He loves being close to the mountains and lakes. It gives him the opportunity to participate in some of his favorite pastimes, including golfing, hiking, and fishing. He also loves to enjoy the outdoors with his girlfriend Karlie and their dog Moose.


Nicholas is currently attending AIMS Community College for Construction Management. As Assistant Superintendent, he will assist in the successful management of projects in the field by maintaining site safety, quality, project costs and schedules.


If Nicholas was 18 years old, what would surprise him the most is how goal driven he is.


The best advice he’s ever been given is to never give up on something he truly believes in.

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